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Tuesday, January 21st 2014

8:54 PM

Almost 5 years ago...

  • Mood: Hopeful
  • Weather: Snow! About 8+ inches
  • Gas Prices for My Car: $3.19 per gallon
  • Michael's Happenings: We are watching "Marley and Me"

I was here. My sister got me hooked on facebook, but every now and then, I wondered what my old blog looked like. Since I was last here, my family and I became homeless in the summer of 2010. David left the schooling behind, and we are paying off the college loans now. I became the studio manager at my job, and so I work full time now. After two years of homelessness, we bought a small single family house. We live in a new town, and after a year of commuting an hour and a half, one way, to my old studio, I finally got the studio manager position, at the location 2 miles from home. Our car, with over 345,000 miles on it finally died. A month later, we were gifted a newer used car, with only 5,000 miles on it. David does the homeschooling. And Michael is a teenager. One very sad thing: Chubby passed away last August. In September, we got a new cat, from a shelter. Her name is Autumn. Things are slowly getting better for us.

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