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Saturday, January 5th 2008

9:07 PM


  • Mood: pretty good
  • Weather: It was pretty mild today for this time of year, but clouds and light rain rolled in after dark.
  • Gas Prices for My Car: uh ... no idea (haven't gased up for a couple of weeks)
  • Michael's Happenings: Thursday morning, as he was brushing his teeth to go to a dentist appointment, he lost a tooth and it almost went down the drain, but we caught it real fast!

Today at congregation, a little girl who Michael likes was sitting next to him during the singing.  She likes to bring a toy sometimes, and occasionally wants Michael to hold it at some point.  Once it was a baby doll, very typical for a little girl.  Michael turned and looked at me with the inaudible question, "What am I supposed to do with this?"  The little girl was already saying that Michael could be the daddy, and she was the mommy.  I gave a slight grin and told him that was just the way little girls were.  It was cute.  Well, today, without warning, she leaned over and planted a kiss right on his lips.  I told myself I'd have to record it somewhere... Michael's first kiss (except from relatives).  I couldn't think of where in his baby book to record this, so for now, this will do.

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