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Tuesday, January 29th 2008

6:15 PM

Going to see the cherry blossoms...

  • Mood: pretty content
  • Weather: rainy
  • Gas Prices for My Car: 2.94 per gallon, last I looked
  • Michael's Happenings: Recently, he spent the last of his (cash) gift from Grandpa. He saw the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, and decided to buy some plush toys of the 3 main characters. Now he puts on shows using them and his old favorites.

Inspired by Michael being assigned to write a poem about something that inspired him (he wrote about going to see the cherry blossoms in Washington DC, a couple years ago), I decided to try my hand at writing a little poetry.  Here's my poem below, on the same subject.

Shlepping sunscreen, umbrellas and maybe some drinks... We gawked at cherry blossoms in so many pinks.

From the Washington Monument to the White House... That ice cream we bought was really lunch for a mouse.

Tulips and pansies blooming in gardens nearby... Spied ducks swimming in fountains and birds in the sky.

Though the hot sun blazed down, a cool breeze did blow... We walked place to place, sometimes ever so slow.

By a park bench we stopped to rest our poor feet... In the trash -- a squirrel, hunting something to eat!

Then there he was again, that squirrel in a tree... Scurrying here and there, peeking out at me.

Lincoln's memorial, standing in that great hall... Each time a new photo, watching our son grow tall.

Approaching the memorial for World War II... Strains of music from a marching band, dressed in blue.

To the capital building we walked, step by step... Arriving in time just to see the sun set.

A few blocks away back to everyday life... Dinner at McDonalds without too much strife.

We descended the city, the metro awaits... Back to our car, still shlepping what seems too much weight.

By the time we got home, our son was asleep... Dreaming of french fries and squirrels and cars that beep.

BTW, we really do take a photo of Michael standing in front of the statue of Abraham Lincoln each time we visit the city, and it's funny to see how much he's grown since the last time.  I joked that we could use it like the way some people mark a child's height with a pencil inside the threshold of their food pantry.

P.S.  Tomorrow is Chubby's 13th birthday!  Our family's first teenager...

1 Paid their dues.

Posted by AmandaMagick:

Just popping in to say hi...oh I love the little pic of the squirrel.
Tuesday, February 26th 2008 @ 2:37 PM