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Thursday, June 19th 2008

10:33 PM

Eight is great!

  • Mood: Very content, but very tired too.
  • Weather: It was gorgeous today!!!
  • Gas Prices for My Car: $4.04 per gallon, but I don't drive much anyway!
  • Michael's Happenings: Hey! He turned 8 years old today! What else do you need to know?

Today is Michael's 8th birthday.    It doesn't seem possible ... where has the time gone?  I still remember seeing him for the first time.  It was a few days after he was born.  (Remember, he's adopted.)

We knew we couldn't get him a lot for his birthday, as money has been tight.  So, last night I stayed up late decorating with banners and balloons, to surprise Michael.  But the really big surprise would be inviting his grandmother, aunt and cousin for a visit today.  Michael was clueless, and we all kept quiet about it.  They all live over 2 hours away.  I am told my nephew is always wondering when he and Michael can get together to play again, so it would be a treat for him too.  My sister decided to surprise her son by not telling him either, until they arrived here.  When we heard a knock on the door, I knew who it would be, so I told Michael to go answer the door.  I missed his expression since I was in the kitchen, but I'm told he was speechless and then his jaw dropped open.  My mother swept him out to the playground where my sister and nephew were waiting.  Needless to say, both boys enjoyed each other's company and played for a few good hours.  Unfortunately, our guests needed to leave for home by about 2 PM, so we missed them all too soon.  But, it was fun while it lasted.  Actually, at the end of the visit, Michael fell on the sliding board at the playground and hurt his chin.  He cried, though there was no bleeding.  He got some children's ibuprofen and was soon forgetting the pain.  (He was also watching one of his new gifts: a DVD.)

Speaking of DVDs, they seem to be the gift of choice now.  Michael received a just-released DVD and matching CD from friends in the Chicago area.  On his behalf, thank you so much!  He loved it, and has watched it already.  He also received a DVD from my father and stepmother, and has watched that one too.  (It arrived yesterday, and totally caught even me by surprise!)  They told him that 2 more gifts should be arriving soon too, but they didn't come today.  (Michael is eagerly eyeing every delivery truck now.)  My sister and nephew also gave Michael a DVD, and 2 puzzles.  He's already put the puzzles together ... we are currently waiting for the glow-in-the-dark one to absorb enough light to see if it really glows.  Towards the end, Michael was beginning to get frustrated, but he persevered, and with help from David, they figured it out.  We got Michael 3 DVDs and 2 books.  He also got a gift from David's sister and her husband, to spend on something special.  Michael is probably forming some ideas by now of what to get, but I convinced him to wait until Grandpa's 2 other gifts arrive, just in case Michael were to select a duplicate of something that's already been purchased and soon to be delivered.  I can think of a few things he might choose, based upon what's he's been into lately.  BTW, he still loves .  He likes to put on shows with him, and some vegetables named Bob and Larry.  We still wonder if Michael's not going to be a director or an author or something creative like that some day.

Well, as our custom is, Michael went for portraits today.  I was able to take the portraits myself as I had hoped.  (We go to the place where I work.)  I had planned to buy just a portrait package and an internet service where I can download his portraits, but Michael cooperated too well, and I had trouble deciding which portrait to choose.  I ended up buying sheets instead, so it was a little more expensive, but not too much.  We had a gift card, so after using that up, we owed less than $8.  Wish I could share those with you, but they are copyrighted.  Our family and a few close friends will get something from it.  I am looking forward to getting them in my hands.

In the midst of everything today, David got a phone call and learned he got a temp job (what he was looking for).  We don't know many of the details yet, but he should be starting soon.  We are grateful that it's very close to where we live, and the wage sounds generous enough.  We are praising the LORD for answering our prayers, and for having kept us, even when we were concerned about where our next meal was coming from.  He truely does give us "our daily bread."  We still look to Him, knowing He holds us, and takes care of us.

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