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Saturday, October 25th 2008

11:37 AM

Michael's cousin, Noah

  • Mood: tired, but content
  • Weather: uh, not sure... haven't gotten dressed yet to open the blinds (I think it's cold)
  • Gas Prices for My Car: still $2.61 per gallon
  • Michael's Happenings: he was thrilled to see this video of Noah, even with the pauses

My sister just sent me this link.  It's my nephew Noah singing along to a music box.  Supposedly, he goes to sleep each night listening to this music box.  On this occasion, he sang the song to Michael, whom he calls his "best friend."  They are really cousins.

Since we have dial-up still, I'm posting this here so when I can find someone with highspeed internet, then we can watch it all at once, instead of with little blips and pauses.  Even still, Michael got a big kick out of seeing his best buddy Noah.

Guess I'll have to make sure Michael has a nickel.  Yesterday, he found a penny in the parking lot, but that's it.

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