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Saturday, January 31st 2009

8:42 PM


November 3, 1970 - January 31, 2009

My brother Steve said that this morning "Jesus asked Kajaun to dance with him..."

I thought of a song by Paul Wilbur.  Part of the chorus says, "Dance with me, O Lover of my soul, to the song of all songs..."

I've spent most of the day crying.  I know it will continue for days, off and on.  Kajaun is on the other side, of which I can only imagine.  Steve is heavy on my heart.  He and Kajaun were married for just over 16 years.  We all loved her.  She was such a loving sister-in-law.  We will all miss her dearly.

Kajaunie, we'll see you again someday.  Love you...

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