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Wednesday, April 29th 2009

7:01 PM

Very busy lately...

Where to start?

Back in January, David started his clinicals. Most of the time, he had to be at a hospital, usually at least an hour and a half away from home, by 6:45 AM. This meant me waking up at 3 or 4 AM, having lunches packed, myself and Michael ready to leave home by 5 AM, etc. Ugh. After dropping David off, Michael and I headed to the local library. Usually we had some time to kill until the library opened. Michael had some coupons for free food at a well-known fast food restaurant, so we usually went there. During Passover, we could only get the free milk and leave. We stayed in the car, parked on the street in front of the library, and ate our kosher for Passover breakfast foods. In one of those libraries, I read a couple of books, cover to cover, sometimes over a few visits. I can heartily recommend Mike Huckabee's book Do the Right Thing. I also read a book about portrait photography that was very good. I don't recall the title off the top of my head. It was published by Amherst Media, which publishes many good books on photography. Anyway, Michael always found something good to read too. Usually by 1:15 PM, David phoned to say he was done, so we'd pick him up and head for home again. We'd get home totally exhausted, eat an early dinner and go to bed. David's clinical class is over now. His final for it was today. He'll do 3 more semesters of it, beginning in a few weeks again.

My hours at my job have basically dried up. It started due to my lessened availability, which was due to David's schedule, especially the clinicals. On the days of the clinicals, twice a week, I was not able to handle working. The other weekdays, we got home from the college too late usually for me to start a shift at work. On Saturdays, the studio shortened their hours so that it was too short a period for me to work, after congregation. Sunday's hours were shortened too. I seemed to get every other Sunday assigned to work, with a few exceptions where I worked each Sunday. So...

I am starting my own business. I don't want to give away too many details here. Yesterday I got a post office box for my business, and today I registered my business name.

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