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Gayle, Adoptive Mom

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I am a homemaker, who loves God, her husband David, son Michael, and cat Chubby. We are Messianic Jews, and our family attends a local Messianic congregation. I have designed a website which will tell you more about me and my family... I encourage you to take a peek at it too.

I've been asked about my faith by more than one person here, so I've decided to include this: In 1973, my mother was searching for answers in her life. A friend of hers began telling her about how Jesus loved her and that she needed to surrender her life to Him. She got a Bible and read it for 4 days. She had never read the Bible and at the end of those 4 days, she knew that this was real, and true. And so, in January of 1974 she told the Lord Jesus that she was sorry for the wrong things she had done in her life. She asked for forgiveness and turned her life over to Him. She asked Him to take her life over and she did what Jesus said to do in the Bible (see John, chapter 3), she became "born again." Within one year, I was ready to do likewise, and I became born again also. You can read more, if you'd like, about my decision on a journal entry dated January 23, 2005. Here it is: copy and paste this into your browser...

Name: Gayle, Adoptive Mom

Age: 57 Years Old (6/9/1963)
Location: United States

  • abortion
  • witchcraft (horoscopes-astrology-magic-etc.)
  • dishes and laundry
  • scrubbing the bathroom
  • spiders and other bugs